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Jerry Sharp opened a European style motocross track in Springfield, Missouri in 1978. Possum Hollow, named in honor of their adventure in finding the ground, was only one of three tracks in the state. It was quite the family operation and many lifelong memories and friends were made at the track. Watching races and eating Ellie's homemade cinnamon rolls and monster cookies passed the mornings.

Over the next few years, Jerry and his wife, Ellie promoted and organized arena-cross style races at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and European style at Possum Hollow. It has been said the Jerry was fifteen to twenty years ahead of his time in the arena-cross races at the fairgrounds.

In 1981, Jerry started a series that included two tracks: Gene Lewis' Lake City and his own Possum Hollow. The original series started with four races and no sponsors, with only goggles to the winners. Tied to the GNC, they became qualifiers for Ponca City and Lake Whitney in Texas. Jerry became focused on building a series like no other in Missouri, and when he was done, the Missouri State Championship Series involved nine of the best tracks in the state.

Jerry devoted his time to his dream and passion and never got his own bike until he was 48 years old. He wanted to do some woods riding and then discovered Hare Scrambles. He then started to promote those races as well. He was a key role in starting the Hill Billy Grand Prix Series.

Jerry was interviewed for Playground magazine near the end of his time with the Series. They asked him if he would have done anything different if he could do it over again. His reply was no. He said he would have liked to have had less disagreements, but he would do it the same way with all the same enthusiasm, and hopefully with the same result.

His last words for the article were "I want to thank the good Lord for looking out for me and my family. Without him we are nothing. Because of my faith I try to treat people with the Golden Rule and the way I like to be treated. I base my success on my faith, not only on the Lord, but on other people. It's been a great twenty some years and I'm looking forward to a few more."

This one humble man has done more for the sport of Motocross in Missouri than any other.

Jerry died in March of 2007. His scholarship fund was created so that his passion for the motocross riders will carry on and help to promote their successes beyond motocross.

Jerry Sharp "Possum"
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Jerry Sharp was the founder of the Missouri State Motocross Championship Series.

This one humble man has done more for the sport of Motocross in Missouri than any other.